The beginning

Once upon a time, more precisely in 2008, a group of gastronomic journalists and enthusiasts led by Mr. Zdravko Brkić. from a lifestyle magazine Insider rented a booth at the wine fair Vinistra where they had displayed specially branded Insider cigars in Camelot's company humidor. After a long and successful day at the fair, specially for Mr. Andi Šipetić Demian who won 100/100 points for his Biska (traditional Istrian spirit coming from Greek, Roman and later Celtic Istrians, made from grappa of  local Malvasia grapes and mistletoe plant), everybody moved to, by coincidence, same hotel. That's where everything began. That's when Biska – cigar marriage was created. Biska by Mr Demian, who was a great cigar connoisseur and loverand at the same time reader of the Insider magazine, was a perfect match with a cigar. As far as Demian was a very good musician, with good puffs, songs and lot of drinks, the night was long.The idea was born. The following year the wider audience should have a chance to enjoy in this perfect match.It was a success indeed.

Unfortunately in 2010 Demian tragically lost his life in a car accident in Austria. In memory of Andi this event in 2010 was named Show Must Go On, and it went on.It was hard to find place for all potential participants at the event, as well as at the first cigar dinner held in Monte Mulini hotel wine vault. Again a new, fresh idea of a bigger international event came to life. In 2011 Habanos Moments brought even more taste, new experiences and joy to this world.